“Her interpretations divest the works from unnecessary mystery and decorations and they offer to the audience the bare emotion which pours out from them pure, direct, intense. They throw to the music a black and white light, which creates intense shadows and they present the works of music like pieces of sculpture. “

N. Dontas • Kathimerini Newspaper

“With a narratively flowing interpretation of the utterly demanding -both from technical and interpretational point of view- Chopin’s Fantasy, the recital was lead to a climax, proving Karpodini’s depth of understanding of the romantic repertoire.”

E. Horiatakis • Athinorama

“Right from the start it was obvious that she could master Debussy and various nuances of his works- not to mention her technical mastery…”

H. Symvoulidis, • Avopolis Magazine

“From the first notes, her playing disclosed an ingenious soloist at the peak of her power, who disposes an immaculate technique, a high musical understanding and musicality. “

Y. Svolos • Efsyn Newspaper

“It is the education which prevents the unacceptable exaggerations and which has already become experience and part of personal expression – this amalgam of powerful but also sensitive recitation, which seals the born performer… “

Piperaki • Estia Magazine

“After the concert, while trying to figure out what did the solidity, the bravery, the mathematical strictness, but also the emotional severity of Karpodini reminded me of- all so suitable to Beethoven- I spontaneously thought of the interpretations of Gina Bachauer…”

Y. Svolos • Efsyn Newspaper

“The very talented Lefki Karpodini constitutes one more link to the long chain of important female pianists of our country. After her returning from abroad, her recitals have been discussed a lot for their combination of solid technique and emotional fullness. “

E. Horiatakis • Athinorama Magazine

“The PLG’s Young Artists week came to an ecstatic end with Messiaen’s “Chants de Terre et de Ciel” courtesy of soprano Ruby Hughes and pianist Lefki Karpodini”

Colin Anderson • Classical Source

“She delivered a riveting “Submerged Cathedral”; one could feel the piano keys sometimes transmit the bell-gong of its bell rings and sometimes transform themselves into an ecclesiastical instrument. Another great moment was imprinted on “Fireworks, with an explosive interpretation from her… “

H. Symvoulidis, • Avopolis Magazine

“The concert finished hearty with the unique Piano Quartet by Schumann, a core work of the romantic chamber music repertoire (Karpodini, Oman, Bauer, Williams). The piece was played same-wise with urge, with a perfect and easy synchronisation between piano and strings, with an exuberant but balanced emotion, flowing natural lyricism and brawny impetuous pulse.”

Y. Svolos •Efsyn Newspaper

“Simon Wallfisch’s performance of the G minor sonata was extrovert, charismatic and beautifully phrased, always slightly on the edge with its pungent sforzandi, resulting in exciting listening: he was supported by marvellous piano playing from Lefki Karpodini”.

Manus Carey • High Callibre

“Two pianos are always exciting, especially if played by Lefki Karpodini and Michael Brownlee Walker. An evening full of challenges, which passed without anyone being aware of the difficulties, as the duo Karpodini-Walker was as always very well prepared and perfectly synchronized.”

N. Dontas • Kathimerini Newspaper

“Combining their strengths, fully alert, the two pianists delivered a fantastic “tour de force“ of dexterity and interpretation with dreamy effects, clarity of sound and dynamically synchronized playing, athletic power and stormy climaxes. ”

Y. Svolos • Efsyn Newspaper

“A great piano duo- an extinguishing species in Greece- that we very much look forward to listening again! “

Y. Svolos • Efsyn Newspaper

“…the Polish violinist Wojciech Garbowski, the German cellist Marcus Hagemann and the Greek pianist Lefki Karpodini, three highly qualified young musicians who have found each other, who nevertheless speak with one voice in a very convincing musical arrangement and are able to provide a fair and lasting impression. No wishes were left open.”

E.Ochs • for “Junge Elite” -Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

“The evening finished with the fantastic (and popular) Schumann Piano Quartet Op.47, in which Karpodini, Oman, Williams and Bauer joined their forces. A concert with a very interesting program and sublime interpretations from very well prepared musicians, which was very obvious that they were there because they had something to share with their audience and not because it was part of their career duties.”

N. Dontas • Kathimerini Newspaper