“A great piano duo- an extinguishing species in Greece- that we very much look forward to listening again! “

Y. Svolos • Efsyn Newspaper

“Two pianos are always exciting, especially if played by Lefki Karpodini and Michael Brownlee Walker. An evening full of challenges, which passed without anyone being aware of the difficulties, as the duo Karpodini-Walker was as always very well prepared and perfectly synchronized.”

N. Dontas • Kathimerini Newspaper

Greek pianist Lefki Karpodini and Zimbabwean pianist Michael Brownlee Walker started collaborating as a piano duo in 2013 and since then have given numerous recitals at halls around Greece. They are renowned for their interesting and exciting concert programs which include not only the standard repertoire for two pianos and piano duet but also lesser-known pieces and composers. A series of ongoing concerts entitled Invitation to the Dance has received praise from both critics and the public. Future plans include concerts in Greece and Africa, a Russian program recital, as well as concerts only for four hands.

“Combining their strengths, fully alert, the two pianists delivered a fantastic “tour de force“ of dexterity and interpretation with dreamy effects, clarity of sound and dynamically synchronized playing, athletic power and stormy climaxes.“

Y. Svolos • Efsyn Newspaper