CORONA VALSE | composed by Lefki Karpodini

CORONA VALSE for solo piano

Composed, performed by: Lefki Karpodini

Original composition

Due to coronavirus I have been staying at home for more than a week now and doing things I usually don’t have time for. As a professional pianist and piano teacher I have been in the last years composing mainly for piano for the different learning levels. However, none of my compositions have reached further than the audience of students’ concerts. This is the first composition of mine, written two days ago, which I decided to make public online. As I avoid going out, I recorded it at home on my yamaha P-105 digital piano instead of my grand piano, since I don’t want to bring the piano tuner at home at the moment. A better quality recording will be most likely available once the coronavirus is no threat. I thank the few friends of mine, pianists and composers who spent a few minutes of their lives listening to my piece, advising me and persuading me to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it!

copyright@ Lefki Karpodini 2020 |all rights reserved