IVAN • recording for the film

A while ago a good friend of mine announced to me that he will be making a short film and he would like me to write the music for it. Without being able yet at the time to see the film, just by knowing the story of it, I tried to get a general feel of the mood. I did not trust myself for writing music and I did not have the time for it. So I suggested some pieces from classical repertoire. We went to the studio to record them. And then, between recording, I sat down and improvised on a musical theme. Little variations on a theme by my friend- musician and film director Markos Delivorias. I loved his theme from the first time that he played it to me on the piano. Some of them fitted perfectly the mood of specific scenes. We kept them all, and used only a few. It was great when I finally saw the result- film and music melt together in one. Thanks Markos!

Big thanks to sound engineer Giorgios Priniotakis and his recording studio ARTTRACKS